A Complete Range of Fashion and Function.

When choosing your spectacles or sunglasses frame you should consider practicality, frequency of use and how the frame complements your lifestyle and your looks. The frame you choose should also be suitable for your prescription, which our friendly and highly trained staff at Eyecare Plus will advise you on.

Our staff will help you to choose a frame to enhance your personal style. Does your wardrobe make a strong statement? Spectacles with unusual shapes and colors might be for you. Do you mainly wear your spectacles at work? Discover for example which styles say “competent professional”. Whatever your personality or lifestyle, we will help you find the glasses best suited to you.

We will also help you to choose the right frame material for your prescription spectacles, whether you need them to be lightweight, flexible, super strong, and/or hypoallergenic.

Many of our frames utilise spring hinges which can be more durable if you are taking your glasses off regularly when you are not reading or working with a computer. The weight of the glasses will also influence your wearing comfort.

The next step is fashion and function. A mixture of both will usually be the best solution. We have a wide range of models and brands for you to choose from with a large variety of frame sizes to fit all ages from child to adult.

After choosing the right frame, it is equally important to select the most suitable lenses. Our practices will be pleased to offer you the latest in lens technology and will advise you as to what will best suit both your prescription and your lifestyle. Please refer to our section on Lenses.

Spectacle Repairs

At Eyecare Plus Southport and Benowa we are lucky to have an experienced optical technician as part of our team. Our very own Doctor Martin is the person to see if you experience a mishap and a repair is required on your spectacle lenses.

Interested to know more? To make an appointment with one of our optometrists at Eyecare Plus simply book online here or call one of our practice locations during business hours.