Community Activities

Both our Southport and Benowa locations are collection centres for outdated or unused spectacles. Please feel free to place any donated spectacles in the collection bins at each practice.

Community Service

Our Optometrists have vast experience in community talks and lectures to medical, paramedical and allied health professionals on a wide range of vision and eye health topics.

We would love you to help us support Optometry Giving Sight but realise that sometimes this may prove difficult.

Welfare Optometry Assistance

We can all do our bit to help those less fortunate and at Vision Michael Hare we are firmly committed to providing eye care and eyewear to those who might normally not be able to access such services.

Locally both our Southport and Benowa locations provide spectacles through the QLD Government Spectacle Supply Scheme. Please call our offices to check on terms and conditions.

Optometry Giving Sight

The Vision

A world where avoidable blindness and vision loss due simply to the lack of a pair of eye glasses no longer threaten the quality-of-life and future livelihood of children and adults because there is universal access to quality vision and eye care services for all those in need.

The Mission

Sight is the most treasured of our five senses. We see the world and its myriad colours and shapes through the windows of our eyes. We learn with them. We laugh with them. We communicate with them. We provide for our families with them. We see our loved ones with them.

Sight can make the difference between a life of poverty and a life of opportunity.

670 million people are blind or vision impaired simply because they cannot get the glasses they need. Optometry Giving Sight funds the solution – an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Delivered through sustainable primary eye care programs, we can give sight to millions in need.

Click here for more info or to make a donation to this very worthy cause.


Michael’s Overseas Missions

Michael has traveled on a number of medical aid missions to remote Pacific Islands providing much needed eye care to some of the worlds most isolated communities. The people in the islands of Micronesia, Tonga and Samoa  have been the beneficiaries of such missions.